POLYGLOT is live!POLYGLOT is live!

POLYGLOT aims to challenge the European music industry and break the hegemony of English language.

POLYGLOT, the European Song Exchange Incubator, aims to amplify cultural and linguistic diversity through a shared song database and a strong professional network across Europe.

The project, launched in 2024, coordinated by Music Hungary, part of Hangvető Ltd and co-funded by the European Union, sets up a new song exchange model in order to boost local talent and European diversity, and break generic industry trends and the rule of English language. In the POLYGLOT experiment songs in their original language are translated and promoted in other European languages by our seven partners, all authoritative industry players in their respective countries.

POLYGLOT connects Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain (Catalonia), and Ukraine and accompanies 30 songs per participating country from selection to distribution, on the road to success in a new language, in a new country. Partners contribute their expertise in tending to the tunes and testing a new, transnational, value-driven operation in the European industry. The goal is ambitious, the mission is noble: we are aiming for the top of the charts on our diverse continent.